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As someone who I'll take great pleasure in seeing, you'll not doubt be a polite, respectful and considerate individual. Feel free to discuss any requests, likes and dislikes with me during our initial correspondence to ensure I can provide what you are ideally looking to experience during our time together. I take great pride in doing my very best to tailor a unique experience just for you.

Upon my arrival, please be thoughtful and have the donation prepared so we may both rid ourselves of that concern right away. Before we begin, personal hygiene is essential thus a shower before our experience together is mandatory (and is quite playful when it's a shower for the two of us). Be proud with your appearance - I do, so I imagine you are as well.

Gifts are not expected but always appreciated. Some of my interests include but are not limited to travel, motorcycles, and electronics. A few dreamy ideas would be flight vouchers, gift certificates for motorcycle clothing and accessories. If the mood strikes you, feel free to take me on a shopping spree and dress me up to your liking ;)

In the unlikely event that proper etiquette is not maintained throughout our time together, I will show myself to the door.